Storage: Hardware

A Storage Soap Opera

You’re supposed to dance with the one who brought you—it says here in small print.

Spring Busts Out: Part II

From "thin provisioning" to a report on the storage outlook in the small to medium-sized enterprise world, we look at the silly side of Spring.

Spring Is Busting Out All Over

New technology blooms in the Storage garden

Uber-SAN Switch? Don't You Believe It

Can a new switch from Brocade ready unite different SANs based on non-interoperable switches from different vendors?

Alacritech: iSCSI’s Quiet Champion

The company's president and CEO helped create SCSI earlier in his career, and the company has since overcome some interesting technical challenges.

What Does Storage Want to be When it Grows Up?

A Computer Associates vice president for marketing of BrightStor products suggests storage management today is a child still in the throes of personality development.

NetApp and Grid Storage: More Than Just Marketing?

Is Network Appliance's grid storage campaign just marketing fluff?

My Dog Ate My (Storage) Home Work

Could the future of storage be in plastics?

Adaptec and SNAP: Let the Joyous Wedding Begin

Adaptec and SNAP have found each other—and that bodes well for all of us

It’s Not the Drill, It’s the Hole

Lousy component integration and ever-present infighting among Fibre Channel vendors may leave a hole in your wallet

T-Bits vs. B-Bits: What You Need to Know

Think you're getting the space your storage vendor says you're getting? Think again.

Storage Testing: Beyond Interoperability

Testing is absolutely required to ensure that storage “solutions” will actually resemble the pretty picture in the vendor brochure. But what's really needed is the ability to test storage products before you buy them—and under real workloads.

Storage Management: It’s All About the Price Tag

Customers say management features for heterogeneous storage should be a "given"—built-in (and free). Vendors say it's an add-on worth paying for. When will vendors wake up?

The Little Guy: Squeezed Out of SMI-S Land?

Can smaller vendors still have a voice in an organization designed to develop hardware standards for the entire industry?

Pick a LUN, Any LUN

Familiar problems are starting to crop up

The Sun Also Rises ... And Sets ... And Rises ...

Sun announces a development partnership with AppIQ, which offers a combo storage resource management/SAN management product called StorageAuthority Suite.

Can Networking Guys Do Storage?

Acopia is a network-turned-storage-focused company with a new product for managing the network resources that support file access and data movement.

Family Counseling for SCSI

SCSI implementations may be different in terms of the way data packages flow, but all are members of the same family. Arguments over the superiority of any implementation are heated.

A Smart Solution for Data Migration

Rainfinity's GridSwitch streamlines moving data across platforms for NFS- or CIFS-mounted storage devices.