Storage: Management

Vendors Respond to De-Duplication Concerns (Part 3 of 3)

Vendors offer their opinions on staying out of legal hot water to where to expand the use of de-duplication technologies.

A Sanity Check on De-Duplication (Part 2 of 3)

We discuss the types of de-duplication and what meaningful criteria should be used to evaluate competing approaches and products

Sanity Check on Tape, VTL, and De-Duplication

VTL and de-duplication, tape versus disk -- a possible new answer looms on the horizon.

Uncovering the Dark Secrets of Dark Storage

Dark storage is disk space that is unmapped, unclaimed, or unassigned.

Virtual Servers and Storage: Truth or Dare

How many shops are really using server virtualization?

Archiving Efficiency: The Key to Green Storage

Manufacturers may redesign their products to improve energy efficiency, but data archival may be the real secret to green storage.

Scoop on Spectra Logic's Media Lifecycle Management

Tape issues are the result of personnel errors and processes, not of the technology itself.

Three Principles of Business Continuity

What does it take to successfully build a business continuity plan? It’s not the technology.

A Storage Operating System for the Masses?

Real storage innovation may be happening in software, not hardware

Deduplicaton: Five Key Questions Help You Find the Right Solution

Deduplication on virtual tape libraries is a hot technology. Before jumping in, however, you’ll need answers to five important questions.

Return to Direct Attached Storage for DreamWorks

Is IBRIX truly a vendor-agnostic technology that can dramatically improve data access speeds?

Classify and Move: Getting Stored Data in Order

The B-tree is an endangered species … .thank goodness.

Clearview and Microsoft: An ECM Bright Spot

Clearview may the best value-add to work with MS SharePoint Server

Getting to Green: PG&E Takes Proactive Steps

Is an incentive program the right way to drive increased greenness in storage and server operations?

Three Resolutions for Storage 2008 (Part 2 of 2)

Why storage pros should focus on resiliency, manageability, and their "junk" drawer

Three Resolutions for Storage 2008 (Part 1 of 2)

Why relationship selling must stop

What's In Store for Storage 2008

Disaster recovery tends to become a focus during any period of economic uncertainty -- and 2008 will deliver uncertainty in spades if market pundits are correct.

DataCore Has Reason to Celebrate

Once dismissed by the storage industry analyst community, DataCore is enjoying a renaissance in the U.S. market. We explain why.

CA XOsoft Delivers Continuity Confidence

There's no such thing as perfect disaster readiness, but you can still make important decisions to protect your data.

Thin Is In -- Or Is It?

The downside of thin provisioning at the array level is not being fully articulated by any vendor.