Storage: Management

What's The Future for Storage in Europe?

No, we're not in Kansas, anymore…..but where will European-based IT end up in the years to come?

The Devil Is In the Details

Is it true that the storage world is upside down in the southern hemisphere, too?

The Big Gulp Theory

Who does the second-guessing is not always who pays the piper.

Has Information Lifecycle Management Arrived?

Is enterprise content management the next new panacea?

Out-of-the-Box Thinking From Zetera

Despite the tens of millions of dollars spent by vendor marketing departments since the late 1990s to evangelize network storage, it has never happened. Until now.

eVault: A Secure, Managed-Storage Solution with Low Overhead

At least one company has been doing something right with its secure, managed-storage solution.

A Storage Soap Opera

You’re supposed to dance with the one who brought you—it says here in small print.

Onaro: A SAN Management Play with a Lot of Vowels

SANscreen tells you what you have, where it is, and who’s using it

Data Lifecycle Management and the Mainframe Mindset

Without storage manageability, we can't effectively address storage costs, which take up to 60 cents of every storage hardware dollar. So why, in the distributed systems world, are we stuck without decent management tools?

A Tale of Two Announcements

Important announcements from Hitachi Data Systems and Computer Associates may look similar from 50,000 feet, but on closer inspection they're quite different.

Get A Degree – Fast!

SNIA gets into the education business

My Bad: More on SNIA's Silence

Does it take money and membership in SNIA to get that organization to consider a good product?

Lock-Outs for Independents

Is there a role for the independent integrator in the well-demarcated world of storage vendor relationships?

You Had Me At I/O: A Love Story

The time for application-centric storage performance monitoring is now

It’s Not the Drill, It’s the Hole

Lousy component integration and ever-present infighting among Fibre Channel vendors may leave a hole in your wallet

T-Bits vs. B-Bits: What You Need to Know

Think you're getting the space your storage vendor says you're getting? Think again.

Storage Testing: Beyond Interoperability

Testing is absolutely required to ensure that storage “solutions” will actually resemble the pretty picture in the vendor brochure. But what's really needed is the ability to test storage products before you buy them—and under real workloads.

Another Voice from the SMI-S Trenches

Was development of the SMI specification by the SNIA usurped by a small group of vendors? A developer provides his real-world experience.

The Little Guy: Squeezed Out of SMI-S Land?

Can smaller vendors still have a voice in an organization designed to develop hardware standards for the entire industry?

Winning the Little Battles to Demystify SMI-S

What, exactly, is SMI-S anyway? We may finally be able to find out.