Storage: Management

PSS Systems Provides Common Sense Data Management Policy Scheme

Recent legislation doesn't mandate changes to your storage infrastructure, but it does mean you'll have to manage your data more effectively.

And The Winner Is...

In a market with few innovations, we find some noteworthy achievements among storage vendors and their promoters.

Storage Growth: Lowering The Limbo Stick

The reality is that demand for more storage is not growing as much as originally forecast—and the forecast revisions are significant. How are analysts deriving their numbers?

The Sun Also Rises ... And Sets ... And Rises ...

Sun announces a development partnership with AppIQ, which offers a combo storage resource management/SAN management product called StorageAuthority Suite.

Can Networking Guys Do Storage?

Acopia is a network-turned-storage-focused company with a new product for managing the network resources that support file access and data movement.

A Smart Solution for Data Migration

Rainfinity's GridSwitch streamlines moving data across platforms for NFS- or CIFS-mounted storage devices.

Aligning Storage Costs with Business Priorities

A proposal for a “three dimensional approach”: automating storage provisioning and device management, data movement, and data replication.