Storage: Trends

Getting to Green: PG&E Takes Proactive Steps

Is an incentive program the right way to drive increased greenness in storage and server operations?

Three Resolutions for Storage 2008 (Part 2 of 2)

Why storage pros should focus on resiliency, manageability, and their "junk" drawer

Three Resolutions for Storage 2008 (Part 1 of 2)

Why relationship selling must stop

What's In Store for Storage 2008

Disaster recovery tends to become a focus during any period of economic uncertainty -- and 2008 will deliver uncertainty in spades if market pundits are correct.

Thin Is In -- Or Is It?

The downside of thin provisioning at the array level is not being fully articulated by any vendor.

Storage Security Part V: Disk Encryption

Seagate’s announcement of Momentus drives with DriveTrust technology holds promise for enabling IT to secure data at rest

Behind CA’s Storage Reshuffle

The move will likely have mixed impact on most CA customers, although mainframe shops should expect some benefits

A Database Archiving Solution Like No Other

Though StorHouse is principally a data warehousing system, its stronger value may be as a database archiving solution.

Just NBOD It

How much would you spend for 2 TB?

Hosting E-Mail in a Storage Cluster

The need to build resilient low-cost infrastructure for hosting e-mail archives is growing fast.

Storage Standards, Part 3: Users Sound Off

Storage standards don’t top the list of customer needs.

Hybrid Drives: Good Architecture or All Flash?

Is Microsoft's Vista responsible for a push to hybrid drives?

Terabyte Drives Have Arrived

In less than 18 months, perpendicular recording has gone mainstream. It is one of those little-noted technology innovations, but one that is extraordinarily important.

A Closer Look: Network Appliance Clustering, Part 2

SANs are out, virtual grids (aka storage clusters) are in.

Network Appliance Clustering: What’s Going On under the Covers?

Feedback on our column about clustering inefficiency.

Storage Clusters and Beer: It’s All in the Hops

Is a software-only solution to storage manipulation on the horizon?

Next-Generation Storage: Low Cost Isn’t Enough

New vendors trumpet products with lower price tags, but if they lock you into a single source, what’s the point?

Optical: A Better Vision for Archiving?

As you consider your archive options, don’t count out optical.

SNA and the Hot New Network Security Paradigm

No, Systems Network Architecture (SNA) isn’t making a comeback. Instead, Nortel’s Secure Network Access (also SNA) deliverable is the latest take on a hot new network security paradigm

Access Density: The Cause of Our Storage Woes?

While top administrators are spending money for things they don’t understand, IT professionals fail to see the value in overpriced goods.