Storage: Trends

Lock-Outs for Independents

Is there a role for the independent integrator in the well-demarcated world of storage vendor relationships?

Storage Management: It’s All About the Price Tag

Customers say management features for heterogeneous storage should be a "given"—built-in (and free). Vendors say it's an add-on worth paying for. When will vendors wake up?

The Little Guy: Squeezed Out of SMI-S Land?

Can smaller vendors still have a voice in an organization designed to develop hardware standards for the entire industry?

Pick a LUN, Any LUN

Familiar problems are starting to crop up

Winning the Little Battles to Demystify SMI-S

What, exactly, is SMI-S anyway? We may finally be able to find out.

Storage Growth: Lowering The Limbo Stick

The reality is that demand for more storage is not growing as much as originally forecast—and the forecast revisions are significant. How are analysts deriving their numbers?

Aligning Storage Costs with Business Priorities

A proposal for a “three dimensional approach”: automating storage provisioning and device management, data movement, and data replication.