Storage: Trends

TapeLabs: More than Just VTL

VTS: three new (and important) letters in the storage world

On the Road Again: Multipathing and More

Products and technology uncovered in recent travels that piqued the interest of our storage commentator.

The New ECM Crowd: Little Guys with Big Ideas

Is enterprise content management the right tool for data management?

Acopia Networks Brings Threads Together

The mirror cracked ... thanks to suspicious information

Time For a SAN Report Card

The old song "Who's Sorry Now" is playing loud and clear in many IT shops.

Next-Generation Storage: Think Virtual

With improvement in storage virtualization products’ features and reliability will the technology choices get any easier?

What's The Future for Storage in Europe?

No, we're not in Kansas, anymore…..but where will European-based IT end up in the years to come?

The Big Gulp Theory

Who does the second-guessing is not always who pays the piper.

FilesX: New Tape Killer?

Disk-to-disk solutions are marketed as tape killers. We found one product that may actually live up to that claim.

Has Information Lifecycle Management Arrived?

Is enterprise content management the next new panacea?

Out-of-the-Box Thinking From Zetera

Despite the tens of millions of dollars spent by vendor marketing departments since the late 1990s to evangelize network storage, it has never happened. Until now.

Storage Insecurity

Bank of America's security lapse could happen to you, too

Spring Busts Out: Part II

From "thin provisioning" to a report on the storage outlook in the small to medium-sized enterprise world, we look at the silly side of Spring.

Spring Is Busting Out All Over

New technology blooms in the Storage garden

Readers Sound Off: The Value of IT Education

Readers respond to our observations about degree programs in information technology.

Why We Need a Data Management Summit

The thought of a vendor association dictating a schema for how companies should characterize their data is a frightening one.

Scary Storage

Fall Storage Networking World at exactly the right time, on the eve of Halloween, since it is where you can go to watch the industry eat its young. Big players often use the venue to announce that they are swallowing up smaller firms.

Storage Game Shows

Like The Dating Game and other highbrow TV fare of yesteryear, the time may be right for the development of new game shows—focused on the storage industry itself.

A Tale of Two Announcements

Important announcements from Hitachi Data Systems and Computer Associates may look similar from 50,000 feet, but on closer inspection they're quite different.

My Dog Ate My (Storage) Home Work

Could the future of storage be in plastics?