Five IT Focal Points for 2010

What should IT focus on this year? Some key issues from 2009 remain, but several new areas will need IT's attention.

The End of the Decade in Storage

Few storage technology products invent a market. Rather, they respond to market requirements.

Storage Report Card: Tape Gets an "A"

Tape continues to deliver reliability, flexibility, and sound support of a multilayer data protection strategy.

Building a Disaster Recovery Plan for Your SaaS Vendors

Here are four steps you need to take to ensure your data is safe and recoverable when you use a software-as-a-service provider.

Report Card: Storage Clouds

Without an open standards-based management framework, the current flirtation with storage clouds will likely move to the footnotes of tech history much as storage service providers did a decade ago.

Five Storage Best Practices You Can Implement Today

These best practices will help you get the maximum return from your storage budget while streamlining the overall performance and reliability of your IT infrastructure.

Single-Instance Storage for Mastering High-Volume Content Storage

As managing storage is ever more critical, single-instance storage can reduce your storage footprint and save you money.

Unsolicited Advice for NetApp

Management shuffling is not what this company needs.

Three Hidden Costs of Backup

Backup is a necessary evil whose hard costs (including disk, bandwidth, and software) are easy to calculate. Beware these three not-so-obvious costs that can cost IT thousands of dollars.

Calculating Storage Value

Companies need some sort of yardstick for comparing the product offerings of different vendors.

Calculating the Benefits of File Virtualization

IT often reacts to data growth by adding more storage devices. There’s a better way.

Storage as a Virtualization Platform for Cloud Computing

Storage-centric approach provides better performance, higher availability, and lower cost than switch or server options.

Getting It On Tape

Tape continues to be the preferred home for nearly 70 percent of the world's data, especially at the core of the digital revolution: video.

Storms on the Horizon: Examining Your Continuity Plans

Continuity planning has significant value to offer besides risk reduction; sadly, the benefits are rarely talked about.

Virtualization: Spin or Wobble? (Part 1 of 3)

When you look closer, the spin around VMware benefits starts to wobble quickly when you do the math.

Tape: The Zombie Technology

Tape plays a continuing role in meeting the storage challenge.

Novell Storage Manager Strikes Data Management Gold

If you’re serious about cutting storage costs by better managing users’ “junk file drawers,” a demo of Novell Storage Manager will be time well spent.

Tape’s Role in the Green Data Center

Long-standing technology is surprisingly efficient when it comes to “going green” with storage.

Discovery Tools Fundamental to Data Management

Effective data management is an idea that has been ignored for far too long.

Building Block Storage, Part 2

The term SAN is an oxymoron when applied to Fibre Channel fabrics. Fibre Channel is a channel protocol, not a network protocol, so it stands to reason that Fibre Channel cannot be used to build a storage area network.