April 1999


Time-Sensitive BI Determines Competitive Advantages

Companies in industries that were handcuffed with only syndicated data have discoverd reservoirs of data within their own organizations, but are struggling with how to extract and use it. Business Intelligence systems that recognize and prioritize critical data can give companies the competitive edge they crave in their race against time.

"Web" in the House

Web-enabling a data warehouse has a seductive lure. In this article, David Cook explores the strategic challenges that face businesses and navigates through integration, analysis, structuring and reporting to reach the next level of data retrieval.

Drill Down: Beyond the Relational Database

Beyond the Relational Database

BI Blues

BI Blues

Managing the Output...IT's Last Headache!

After processing has been completed, it has been estimated that 30-40 percent of help desk problems concern output management. The issues, challenges and - most importantly - the solutions are addressed in thi article.

Response Time

April Industry News

Amdahl's Multi-Server Feature; Isogon's SoftAudit; CorVu Enhances Business Performance with IBM; Cisco's Channel Program; Elron Year 2000 Kknowledgebase

A DBMS Alternative for OLTP Challenges

The Web is driving OLTP to ever-higher demands for performance and scalability, so when the time comes to re-evaluate enterprise architecture, exploring a new database alternative can be truly rewarding.

Your Security Umbrella Integrating Encryption, Authentication and Access Control

The trend toward greater local and remote interconnectedness is driving the development of more sophisticated security and management solutions. Doing some home-work can really pay off when finding a security solution that falls under one easy-to-use, flexible management umbrella.

Euro Change: The United Kingdom: Sitting Out the Euro Dance for Now

United Kingdom: Sitting Out the Euro Dance for Now


Countdown to Year 2000: How to Trust, and Verify, Y2K Work

How to Trust, and Verify, Y2K Work

Data Mining Gets Real

While some IT professionals still view data mining as low priority within their day-to-day network operations; more and more, the software tools used in business technology management are borrowing from data mining methods to become more intelligent.

A Search and Deploy Mission, Part 2

In the conclusion of this two-part article, tips and techniques of software defect investigation and resolution are discussed.

April Inside IBM

Four-Way Power for Netfinity 5500; 450Mhz Xeon Processors; Windows 2000 Hardware; IntelliStation Z Pro; OBI News

OO Alternatives for S/S390

With a new crop of graduates with component-based training and Java's recent explosion on the the programming scene, object-oriented and component-based systems are rapidly becoming a reality. And for organizations supported by S/390 business servers, this presents a challenge.