July 1999


Drill Down: Business Empowers Data Warehouse

Countdown to Year 2000: Let's Join Hands, Not Point Fingers

Editorial: It's Deja Vu All Over Again

SAM Delivers Multiplatform Security

Companies turn to Schumann Security Software's Security Administration Manager to build a repository of "who has access to what."

July Inside IBM

Legacy Migration: Architecture, Platform or Both?

July Response Time

Recovery or Tolerance? When It Comes to Dealing with Disasters, the Choice Is Yours

With the dawn of the Web era, increased demands have been placed on enterprise resourse availability. Choosing to deal with disasters through either recovery or tolerance could be the factor that saves your company from early extinction.

High Availability for Windows NT

High availability and disaster recovery are two mutually exclusive categories with one architecture. The challenge is to first understand what you need, and find the architecture that best fills those needs.

On Air: Connecting Y2K to the World

July Industry News

Availability in Enterprise Computing

By choosing reliable products, addressing people issues and implementing processes that reflect the best practices, businesses can get the high levels of availability they need to remain competitive.

July Humor

Welcome to Wendy's, How May I Protect Your Server Data? Centralized Backup Management at Wendy's International

Fast-food giant Wendy's International Inc. implements Innovation Data Processing's FDR/UPSTREAM, enabling the company to further utilize existing automation tasks through established backup and recovery procedures.

Reliance on Technology: Driving the Change to Advanced Recovery

The rocky terrain of recovery is difficult to navigate. Determining the time it takes to drive through the recovery process and identifying alternate routes can help make your ride a little smoother.