October 1999


October Humor

Getting the Most out of IT Project Consultants

Your decisions in hiring and managing consultants can make or break a project. But, by doing a little homework on the front-end, you can ensure the right people for the right job.

Distributed Output Management in 2000

With the complexity of today's heterogeneous environments, delivery of useable business-critical information is a constant challenge to organizations.

October Industry News

Printing Case Histories

Case histories that demonstrate the various successes in the field of printing.

From Star to Snowflake to ERD: Comparing Data Warehouse Design Approaches

What is the best approach to modeling data in a DSS environment? Recently, a group of industry experts met to compare the pros and cons of the two data warehouse design approaches. Their results were astounding.

Pfizer’s Prescription for a Healthy Supply Chain: VIT SeeChain Helps Improve Sales and Corporate Productivity

When major pharmaceutical manufacturer Pfizer Inc. was looking for a way to deliver relevant, up-to-date sales and marketing information to its sales managers and representatives, it chose VIT's SeeChain for its portal and supply chain performance management applications.

E-Commerce: News Flash: eBay Is Down

October Inside IBM

October Editorial: You Can Have a V8

Countdown to Year 2000: The Tentacles of Y2K

A Business Perspective: Continuous Availability of VSAM Application Data

A business faces many challenges when implementing a continuous availability system to support applications accessing data in a VSAM file structure.

The Reality of Network Management

The distribution of software and upgrades throughout the enterprise has unearthed a variety of hidden costs to companies building and maintaining their IT departments.

Web-to-Host Connections: Find Your Own Comfort Level

October Response Time

Leveraging Legacy Data

Although many have prophesied the fall of the Legacy Empire, there are many companies who are unwilling to part with the old regime. Leveraging legacy data may be just what these companies need in order to catapult themselves out of the Dark Ages.