Lansa Serves Customers a Full Cup of Java

In an effort to provide their customers with continued service, Lansa Inc. (Oak Brook, Ill.) announced that Lansa for the Web is now serving 100 percent pure Java from the AS/400. Lansaís Open for Java allows integration with Java IDEs (Integrated Development Environment), such as JBuilder from Inprise and Visual Age for Java from IBM.

Customers can choose between HTML or Java using HTML for most applications but using Java for more specific features not available with HTML.

ìNow customers can include and integrate Java applets in their Lansa for the Web applications using the Java tool of their choice and Lansa Open for Java. ì says Bill Benjamin, VP of business development at Lansa.

Java applets download fast and are easily enhanced through Lansaís thin client architecture according to Benjamin. ìCustomers maximize reuse of their existing applications and skill sets. For current users of Lansa Open for Windows, the transition is simple,î says Benjamin. The JavaBeans interface enhances the skills customers already use allowing their AS/400 server code to be reused.

For more information about JANSA Open for Java visit Lansaís Web site at An online demonstration of Lansa Open for Java accessing AS/400 data is available for immediate download by existing Lansa Open for Windows customers.