Native TCP/IP Tightens Transfers

Network administrators and programmers looking for an easier, less expensive method of transmitting objects and spooled files to and from different AS/400s throughout their networks can now download a new version of Remote Software Facility Express from Bug Busters Software Engineering Inc. (Seattle).

Available from, the latest version of RSF Express supports native TCP/IP connections between a PC workstation and an AS/400, according to Bruce Lesnick, president of Bug Busters. Support for native TCP/IP eliminates the need for users to install a third-party connectivity package on a PC workstation as a prerequisite to running RSF’s graphical interface, he says.

RSF Express now makes the dragging and dropping of objects and files easier to set up, faster, more reliable and less expensive, Lesnick says. In addition, the solution supports all connection types, including SDLC, LAN and TCP/IP; monitors output queues and automatically forwards spooled files to another machine; monitors message queues on any number of remote AS/400s from a central machine; polls, broadcasts and schedules for future transmissions; and engages automatic call-back for reversal of phone charges.

This new TCP/IP connectivity option requires that Version 6.0 of RSF already be installed on each AS/400 in the user’s network.