IBM Upgrades Nways Switches

IBM’s 8270 Nways Token-Ring LAN Switch Model 600 is an entry-level edge switch designed to address future performance concerns of users deploying shared hubs in distributed workgroups.

This new 8270 switch tackles IT concerns surrounding "performance, availability and price," according to Jose Garcia, business line manager of workgroup networks for IBM’s Networking Hardware Division (NHD). The Model 600 is an entry-level switch with expansion capabilities for growing networking environments. "[IBM] is the only company delivering Layer 3 switching capability to customers at Layer 2 switching prices," he says.

The Model 600 is a six-slot Token-Ring switch priced at $475/port, a 20 percent decrease from current 8270 pricing. Each slot can accommodate either a four-port Token-Ring, UTP/STP, two-port Token-Ring fiber, Multi-protocol Switched Services (MSS) Client, MSS Domain Client or single-port ATM universal feature card (UFC). As an edge switch, the 8270 can be added to a LAN with a minimum of network disruption and provides port and uplink customization.

IBM has also enhanced its 8265 ATM switch to include additional configuration flexibility, increased WAN port density and frame relay support.

"With this announcement, the 8265 becomes a scalable solution for corporate WANs and demonstrates IBM’s continuing commitment to its ATM initiative and to supporting industry standards that will ease technology integration issues for our customers," says Bob Greenberg, business line manager of enterprise networks for IBM’s NHD.

Hardware and software support for the 8265’s WAN enhancements begin shipping in September. List pricing for 8265 WAN interfaces starts at $2,700 per port for T1/E1; $3,000 per T1/E1 port with Inverse multiplexing over ATM support; $1,600 per T1/E1 port with frame relay/ATM internetworking support; and $6,000 per E3/DS3 port.