IBM Adds Fast Ethernet Print Server

IBM has expanded its current agreement with Emulex Corp. (Costa Mesa, Calif.) for Ethernet and Token-Ring network interface cards for IBM InfoPrint workgroup printers to include the Emulex PS1300ETX 10/100 Fast Ethernet printer server, according to published reports.

As a Fast Ethernet printer server, PS1300 is designed to outperform Ethernet solutions and is software compatible with the current Ethernet and Token Ring network cards offered by IBM. Emulex's networking technology has been offered on IBM's workgroup printers since 1996.

The PS1300ETX platform is a small form factor, multi-protocol printer server that features automatic selection between 10 and 100 Mbps Ethernet RJ45 connectors. In addition, the performance has been increased to 600K bytes/second with an enhanced 32-bit processor.

--L. Greenemeier