Utility Software Benchmarked on AS/400e

Orcom Solutions completed benchmarking of its Enterprise Customer Information System (E-CIS) for utility billing on the AS/400e server, simulating environments of up to 3 million active customers and a total database of 5.5 million customers.

The simulated utility user environment used a "live" in-production database supplied by an Orcom customer. The benchmark was conducted on an AS/400e 12-way processor using the new IBM PowerPC (Northstar) chip, with a 229 drive subsystem and V4R3 of OS/400.

Orcom (Bend, Ore.) plans to use the benchmarking to demonstrate that E-CIS on the AS/400 can offer the performance and scalability required to support the growth strategies of large utilities and energy service providers.

--D. Callaghan