NetManage Acquires FTP Software

NetManage Inc.’s acquisition of FTP Software Inc. (N. Andover, Mass.) adds a thin-client dimension to the Cupertino, Calif.-based PC connectivity pioneer’s portfolio of networking solutions.

Since the beginning of the decade, NetManage has focused on developing applications that connect PC desktops to AS/400, mainframe and Unix host systems, as well as solutions to facilitate remote access, application sharing and help desk.

With the acquisition of FTP, NetManage broadens its range of PC-to-midrange, mainframe and Unix connectivity solutions to include support for thin clients. In addition to its PC-to-host and Web-to-host solutions, NetManage can now add centrally-managed network administration and server-based connectivity to its offerings.

"One of the things that attracted us to the FTP organization was their OnWeb product, and that they’re a little bit more active in introducing products into the Java and ActiveX area," says Chuck Cruz, director of product management for NetManage.

FTP designed OnWeb Host to reduce the time and cost required to deploy and manage terminal emulation on client desktops. The product is installed on the user’s Web server for central administration of software deployment, configuration and upgrades.

OnWeb Host consists of two components – Java applets for terminal emulation and the OnWeb application server. Terminal emulation applets are downloaded "on demand" to authorized users through any Java-enabled Web browser. The application server redirects traffic from the host to the destination. Since OnWeb is a thin-client solution, terminal emulation capability is granted to enterprise desktops from a centralized Web server, eliminating the need for IS to maintain individual desktops.