Websites Help Track Y2K Vendor Compliance

Two free Websites launched in recent months may help you double-check the Year 2000-readiness of your key vendors.

Vendor 2000 (, sponsored by Electronic Data Systems (EDS, Houston), is a database of vendor compliance information, including a number of AS/400 vendors. The database details compliance information for more than 125,000 items from 3,000 vendors, according to EDS. EDS also offers an e-mail subscription service with vendor product updates.

Lab 2K, L.L.C. (New Brunswick, N.J.) recently launched, a similar Web search engine that provides contact information of vendors whose products may have Year 2000 compliance issues. Lab 2K's database currently has about 5,000 vendors, with a total of 10,000 anticipated by mid-November.

Compliance information at both Websites is provided by vendors. Both companies promise continuous posting of vendor updates.