Unisys and NeuralTech Join Forces

Unisys Corporation and NeuralTech Incorporated will provide Equifax Card Services witha total dispute management solution at Equifax's headquarters in St. Petersburg, Fla. Thesolution, anchored by Unisys imaging platform and NeuralTech's advanced CADRE software,delivers a highly modular interactive software solution that automates each phase of thedispute resolution process, providing interactive customer service case management, salesdraft retrieval requests, chargeback initiation, representment processing, and cardholdercontact and correspondence management.

This announcement continues Unisys ongoing provision of solutions to Equifax. Unisys iscurrently implementing a document imaging solution to improve productivity and efficiencyin card processing operations, and integrating a computer output to laser disk (COLD)solution to provide storage and retrieval functions.

CADRE utilizes NeuralTech's unique expert system technology, which codifies theVisa/MasterCard Association rules governing dispute resolution. Through interpretation andapplication of these rules, CADRE increases worker productivity and improves the qualityof customer service. CADRE utilizes Unisys' existing imaging and workflow products inEquifax's customer service environment.

Under the terms of the agreement, Unisys and NeuralTech will provide Equifax completeinstallation and configuration of CADRE software. Unisys will deliver and install systemhardware, including integration of CADRE software support services with its imagingautomated workflow solution - based on Microsoft's Windows NT software environment, theCOLD solution and Equifax TBS credit card system.

Unisys and SCP to Deliver Public Sector SAP R/3 Solutions for Windows NT

Unisys Corporation and Software Consulting Partners, Inc. (SCP) have signed a MarketingAssociate agreement to jointly market SAP R/3 solutions utilizing Microsoft Windows NTtechnology to federal, state and local governments in the U.S. Under the terms of theagreement, SCP will provide consulting, implementation, pre-sales support and projectmanagement to assist Unisys sales personnel in the sales of Unisys Windows NT basedenterprise servers for SAP R/3 installations.

The Unisys enterprise servers are a range of scaleable Intel-based platforms forWindows NT. The server family includes the Aquanta QS/2, the company's first four-wayserver based on Intel's new Pentium II Xeon Processor. This new four-way multiprocessorserver signals a new era in enterprise-class computing with breakthroughprice/performance, recently posting record-breaking TPC-C benchmarks of 18,154 tpmC, withprice/performance figures of $25.49/tpmC.

Sybase Licenses Unisys Universal Repository

Sybase, Inc. and Unisys announced an agreement that allows Sybase to license the UnisysUniversal Repository (UREP) for future product development. This agreement will provideSybase's customers with a single point of control for complete application life cyclemanagement - from design, to development and deployment - across heterogeneousclient/server, Web and distributed platforms.

Unisys UREP, a fully object oriented repository, will first be incorporated into theSybase Enterprise Application Studio, an integrated product set that leverages existingapplications and data with new Web technologies to reduce development and deploymentcosts. This solution increases developer productivity, decreases the amount of time andmoney dedicated to object development, and strengthens the quality of application design.

Unisys Universal Repository (UREP) is a fully object oriented repository for access,concurrent sharing, and immediate updating of all business information. UREP is being usedby independent software vendors (ISVs) and large corporations in various domains such asclient/server and object development environments, data warehousing, meta data managementand business object management. Unisys UREP supports the sharing of information acrossdevelopment tools, made possible by an extensible object-oriented meta model, versioningservices, configuration management, and team-based development approaches ideal forsupporting large projects.

Sybase's Enterprise Application Studio, expected to be available in Q4 1998, is anintegrated product set that redefines the enterprise application development tools andserver market by providing one environment that embraces both Web and client/serverarchitectures. Sybase's environment helps its customers migrate client/server applicationsto a multi-tier architecture, extends existing technology investments to the Web, andprovides access to information located anywhere in the enterprise. The EnterpriseApplication Studio consists of the Sybase Enterprise Application Server, a scaleabledeployment platform; PowerBuilder, the leading enterprise development tool; and PowerJ, aJava-based enterprise development tool.

Unisys Declares Preferred Stock Dividend

The Board of Directors of Unisys Corporation has declared a quarterly dividend of 93.75cents per share on the company's Series A Cumulative Convertible Preferred Stock. Thepreferred stock dividend is payable October 15, 1998, to stockholders of record at theclose of business on October 1, 1998.

First-Ever Tests

Running on the Unisys Aquanta QS/2 server, using four Intel Pentium II Xeonmicroprocessors, Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0, Terminal Server Edition softwareachieved higher performance than that of servers based on the previous generation of Intelprocessors at half the cost, according to tests conducted by Unisys. The tests provide theonly measurement to date of thin client computing performance on the new Intelmicroprocessor. Thin-client computing helps simplify and reduce the cost of managing anddistributing application solutions by running the software in a centralized, server-basedenvironment.

The tests revealed that, when using the Unisys Aquanta QS/2 server, thin-clientcomputing server costs plummeted to $335 per user. The best price-per-user for acomparable thin-client/server, based on the predecessor Intel Pentium Pro microprocessor,was over twice that cost.

The tests, using standard test scripts supplied by Microsoft, simulated use ofapplications, such as word processing, electronic mail and Web browsing on thin clients,systems that access computing functions on servers rather than performing the functions onthe desktop. The resulting data show that the four-way Aquanta QS/2 running Windows NTServer 4.0, Terminal Server Edition supports 200 users who place an average workload onthe server and 100 "heavy" or continuous users. This is more than twice the loadsupported by servers based on the Intel Pentium Pro microprocessor.

Corel to License Unisys LZW Patent

Unisys has settled its recently filed Lempel Ziv Welch (LZW) patent infringement suitagainst Corel Corporation, which develops and markets computer software, such as CorelDraw and Word Perfect. The suit, which Unisys filed in the United States District Courtfor the Eastern District of Virginia, asserted that multiple Corel products infringeUnisys U.S. Patent No. 4,558,302.

Under the terms of the settlement, Corel will compensate Unisys for its past use andpay Unisys ongoing license fees. The licensed patent covers a datacompression/decompression method utilized in many graphics formats, printer controllanguages and modems, including the predominant GIF graphics format used on the Internet.The patent, which is licensed to more than 1,500 companies, is believed to be one of themost broadly licensed patents in history. In addition to the United States patent, Unisysholds the corresponding patents in Canada, France, Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom andJapan.

Unisys Awarded Contracts Valued at $165 Million

Unisys announced that its Federal Systems unit has received contracts valued at $165million from the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) to provide 24 Unisys ClearPathenterprise servers together with operating system software and 10 EMC 5700 Symmetrix diskstorage sub-systems.

The equipment will be used at the consolidated DISA Defense Megacenters (DMCs) inMontgomery, Ala.; Ogden, Utah; and San Antonio. The Megacenters support key Department ofDefense functions, including logistics, personnel and finance.

The Unisys ClearPaths Enterprise Servers - models HMP IX5600 and HMP IX5800 - replaceapproximately 70 legacy systems. The ClearPath HMP IX server has a CMOS processing complexthat includes Intel Pentium and Custom Enterprise processors, allowing users to run legacysoftware, as well as Microsoft Windows NT and/or UNIX operating systems. The EMC Symmetrix5700s, providing approximately 7 terabytes of storage, will offer full data redundancythrough disk mirroring.

Unisys Supports Microsoft Visual Studio

Unisys' IntegratePlus family of object repository and software integration tools willsupport the Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 development system. Through new UnisysIntegratePlus software, available early in 1999, users will be able to integrate VisualStudio 6.0 with third-party development tools and with legacy applications and databaseson both Unisys and IBM enterprise server environments. This combination will enable usersto leverage existing programs to build new generations of enterprise-class applications.

The Unisys IntegratePlus family of software is a modular, object repository-based setof tools and services designed specifically for the integration of new Windows NT-basedapplications with legacy data sources. Unisys IntegratePlus software is middleware anddatabase independent, allowing the use of ActiveX technologies and Java and CORBAdevelopment tools to address all phases of the application development life cycle.

IntegratePlus is based on the Unisys Universal Repository (UREP), a fully objectoriented repository for access, concurrent sharing and immediate updating of all businessinformation. UREP is being used by independent software vendors (ISVs) and largecorporations in various domains, such as client/server and object developmentenvironments, data warehousing, meta data management and business object management.

Doubling Price/Performance

Taking another broad stride forward in propelling Intel-based Windows NT technologyinto the market currently dominated by UNIX/RISC systems, Unisys Corporation todayannounced that its Aquanta QS/2 Server achieved 18,154.00 transactions per minute (tpmC)and a price per transaction of $25.49/tpmC. This is the best price/performance recordedfor any system tested under the Transaction Processing Council's "C" benchmarkmethodology, the computer industry's standard method of measuring transaction processingperformance.

Not only is the QS/2 equipped with four Intel Pentium II Xeon microprocessors - fasterby substantial margins than leading four-processor UNIX/RISC servers - but itsprice-per-transaction is less than half. TPC test results posted for comparable UNIX/RISCsystems as of July 31, 1998, were 11,559.70 tpmC at $56.60/tpmC for the Sun MicrosystemsUltra Enterprise 450 and 9,853.13 tpmC at $64.22/tpmC for the IBM RS/6000 Workgroup ServerF50.

TransIT 500 with Support for LDAP

Unisys announced TransIT 500 Enterprise Directory Server, release 9, anenterprise-class implementation of the X.500 standard for directory services. New TransIT500 features and LDAPv3 enhancements provide the performance and scalability required tosupport millions of users for both enterprise and Internet applications.

Features built into TransIT 500 make the software a useful component formission-critical applications requiring enterprise-wide security, ease of use,performance, scalability and administration of the directory from a single point. Suchfeatures include: An embedded Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server database management systemtailored specifically for use with TransIT 500; the ability to distribute the directory tomultiple servers throughout the enterprise; the ability to replicate or shadow portions ofthe directory to multiple servers throughout the enterprise; access control andauthentication services, including storage and retrieval of X.509 certificates; andwindows-based graphical administration, providing a single point of configuration andmanagement control over the entire directory.

This release of TransIT 500 features full support for the Lightweight Directory AccessProtocol (LDAP) version 3, the acknowledged standard for creating, populating, accessingand maintaining distributed Internet and intranet directories. In addition, TransIT 500release 9 includes authentication services for the storage and retrieval of X.509certificates, a common mechanism for authenticating the identity of a Web site user.