AIX Outperforms Competing Unix Operating Systems

In a report published by D.H. Brown Associates Inc., IBM’s AIX Unix operating system is being lauded for its superior performance in the areas of Internet/intranet Capabilities and System Management, rising above Unix offerings from Compaq Computer Corp., Sun Microsystems, Silicon Graphics, Hewlett-Packard and Microsoft Corp.

According to the study, AIX has the industry's strongest set of Internet features with a broad range of TCP/IP technologies including IPv6. The study also praises AIX’s secure Virtual Private Network offering and options for electronic commerce.

The report evaluates AIX Version 4.3.2, which supports both 32- and 64-bit RS/6000 systems, from workstations, to web servers.

D.H. Brown, a research and consulting firm based in Port Chester, N.Y., also singled out AIX for its clustering capabilities, noting that the operating system distinguishes itself with “overwhelming advantages for disaster recovery and remote data replication.”

--L. Greenemeier