ibm personnel announcements: Zeitler Moves To Software Group

Just over a year into his term as general manager of IBM Server Brand Management, Bill Zeitler has been handed a new assignment, this time in Big Blue’s Software Group.

As the new general manager of Worldwide Software Sales and Marketing, Zeitler replaces Mark W. Elliott, himself recently named general manager of Marketing, Engagement and Business Development.

Zeitler’s move to IBM’s software division leaves a vacancy at one of the top Server Brand Management positions. Robert Stephenson, senior VP and group executive of the Server Group, will act as head of brand management until Zeitler’s successor is named.

"Bill brought a strong marketing focus to the brands. His leadership and insight greatly increased brand representation in the marketplace," Stephenson says in an internal IBM memo. "Bill led the re-invention of the AS/400, which has produced a dramatic turnaround and delivered double-digit growth for four consecutive quarters. He also was an architect of our new organization that has improved teamwork and delivered an enhanced product line.

"We thank Bill for his outstanding work here in the Server Group and wish him well in his new position. I will personally miss his help and leadership," Stephenson adds.