U/WIN 1.5.4
Global Technologies' U/Win is a relatively new player in the porting tools market. Not only are they providing tools for UNIX -to-NT, but for various UNIX-to-UNIX environments. Global works on providing what they refer to as a "Common Operating Environment." This means examining what each platform lacks in the functionality developers need and providing the missing functionality in that platform's version of U/Win.

Installation of the base environment requires 123MB and the SDK requires 62MB. The installation program recommends an NTFS file system, the only package reviewed that recommended a specific file system. The software seemed to install fine, but a script to set protections on the various files generated quite a few errors. After performing the recommended reboot, the Korn shell would not start. Applying an update patch sent by Global Technologies and rebooting the system seemed to cure the problem.

The U/Win SDK package provides all the important libraries necessary to create a wide variety of applications, including curses and X11R6.3 X Windows libraries. The package includes GNU C and C++ compilers, but the installation program does not automatically configure them to be run. Instead the release notes give a pointer to configuration instructions. The SDK features a solid debugging application and several other useful applications such as GNU flex.

U/Win also offers versions for Win 95, Win 98, FreeBSD, AIX, Linux, HP-UX, Solaris and SunOS. This may offer some advantages to developers not just moving from UNIX to NT, but looking to deploy their software across multiple platforms.

U/Win version 1.5.4 for NT Workstation: $249; SDK: $249.

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