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SNA Server Case Study

Microsoft SNA Server helps automate Y2K conversion for AS/400 Legacy Code.

An Interview with Paul Morse

Microsoft's SNA Server Product Manager discusses SNA Server 4.0, its features, benefits and where it fits in today's enterprise.

Gateway Evolution: Tying the Mainframe to the New Paradigm
by John Harney

By linking mainframe data to new Web-enabled client/server platforms, SNA gateway products let enterprises leverage their investments in legacy systems while achieving the strategic flexibility of newer platforms like Windows NT.

The SNA Server Model: Integrating Mainframe Hosts and NT Server Environments
by Jon William Toigo

As it becomes a "platform for host integration," SNA Server raises the bar for SNA gateways within the modern business enterprise. Today, it provides a feature/function set that facilitates not only communications between legacy and distributed platforms, but also application integration.

Buyers Guide

Inside IBM
Y2K Tools for Short-Term "Fixes," Security for E-Business.