Marcam Adds Planning and Scheduling to Prism

Marcam Solutions' AS/400 customers will continue to benefit from the Newton, Mass. company's non-AS/400 development as Marcam has integrated its object-oriented Protean Plant Planning and Quick Scheduler applications with its AS/400-based Prism ERP solution.

Protean Plant Planning and Quick Scheduler are PC-based client/server applications that enable customers to access information, adjust schedules and determine resources needed to meet production plans. The applications allow manufacturers to achieve a production schedule with finite capacity, while maximizing resource utilization.

All resources are planned level by level, beginning with the finished goods level, and detailed capacity usage is tracked in each step of the planning process. The object oriented database supports fast access to the information needed for complex planning and scheduling tasks. This database is shared by both applications so that any changes made in one application are immediately reflected in the other.

"Many of our customers want the flexibility and speed associated with PC-based applications, but do not want to give up the benefits associated with the AS/400," says Susan LaPlante-Dube, director of marketing at Marcam. "Plant Planning is just one example of how Marcam is addressing this need by offering features drawn from Protean for the Prism solution."

Last year, Marcam integrated Protean financials applications with Prism.

--Dennis Callaghan