Ericom Announces Host Access Plans for 1999

With the release of its PowerTerm CE solution for the Windows CE platform during the second half of last year, Ericom Software delivered a product to capitalize on remote host access to mission-critical legacy applications. The Israel-based company has plans to expand its line of proprietary host-connectivity products in 1999 with several solutions scheduled for release this year, according to published reports.

Included among these new products are: a first-quarter release of PowerTerm Pro, a terminal emulation product for seamless integration with Windows 2000 interface; a second-quarter virtual private network (VPN) solution for secure host access; and a third-quarter release of a license management product, both for software metering and management for the enterprise network.

"Corporations want software solutions custom-tailored to meet their growing need for fast, reliable access to information, as well as streamline their enterprise work," Eran Heyman, CEO and founder of Ericom says in a company press release. Ericom has domestic offices in Hackensack, N.J.

Ericom's VPN solution is expected to be available as a stand-alone product as well for the network security market. Twenty percent of Ericom’s customers use the company's PowerTerm CE and PowerTerm Interconnect products in AS/400 environments.

--L. Greenemeier