Global Services Enlists PentaSafe in Support of Security Courses

In support of its upcoming AS/400 Security Fundamentals tour across the United States, IBM Global Services has enlisted the help of audit and security software specialists PentaSafe (Houston).

Specialists from Global Services are expected to present course material, which focuses on critical points of AS/400 security, including: Internet security issues, securing accesses at AS/400 exit points, and user profile and group profile security.

During the first quarter of this year, PentaSafe plans to host the AS/400 Security Fundamentals course at IBM office locations in New York, Boston and Atlanta. Additional Security Fundamentals courses will be sponsored by PentaSafe in other major U.S. cities throughout 1999.

"Security is a key concern for companies transitioning to e-business, and we want to give AS/400 users the education they will need to safely expand their business on the Internet," Douglas Erwin, president and CEO of PentaSafe, says in a company press release. "By bringing awareness of the various security issues and possible exposures, we hope to educate AS/400 users to the importance of effectively managing system security."

--L. Greenemeier