MRC Generates Automated Server-Side Java

Michaels, Ross & Cole has enhanced its mrc-Productivity Series 97 thin-client rapid application development tool to support automatic generation of server-side Java applications.

The upgrade will allow mrc users to create Web-enabled Java applications that run natively on the AS/400e.

"Our tool has been capable of generating client-side Java programs since early 1997," says John Lipsey, communications director at mrc. "This capability was important, because it enabled our customers to generate browser-based access to their AS/400 applications. However, the server programs were generated in RPG. Today, we can generate Java for both the server and client portions of an application. This provides flexibility and investment protection."

Lipsey says users can continue to use mrc-Productivity Series 97 for RPG application generation and can move to Java at their own pace.

"Our tool lets them automatically re-generate their existing RPG applications in Java," he says. "In essence, it links legacy, new and emerging technologies into one integrated environment. The build process remains the same, regardless of where the application will be deployed."

--D. Callaghan