IBM Drops Prices on AS/400 Hardware, Feature Conversions

IBM has announced a barrage of price decreases on AS/400 hardware products and feature conversions.

Leading the way is a $35,000 price break on the AS/400e custom application server 9406 Model SB1, which has been reduced from $235,000 to $200,000. Prices have also been dropped across the board on storage, disk units, quarter-inch cartridge [QIC] tape and some processors.

IBM has reduced the prices on all five processor points of the Model 170. Prices for those processors now range from $3,995 for a 2290 up to $58,000 for a 2386, down from $4,995 and $65,000, respectively. Prices of Model SB1 8- and 12-way processors -- Feature codes 2312 and 2313 -- have also been significantly reduced.

Prices for most feature conversions have been reduced, however, there are some feature conversion price increases, namely on converting Feature 2170 to 2320 or 2321 on a 9406 machine. These price changes apply to features that are field-installed on a purchased machine. Parts removed or replaced in that process become the property of IBM.

For a complete list of these price changes, go to

--D. Callaghan

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