HP 3000 Resource Guide

Company Name Contact Information Product Name
Accounting Tools
Advacate, Inc. www.advacate.com WinMan
Amisys Managed Care Systems (301) 251-8600 AMISYS
BeneSys, Inc. www.benesys.com Group Health Administration
BI-TECH Software, Inc. www.bi-tech.com Interactive Fund Accounting System (IFAS)
Celerity Solutions, Inc. www.celeritysolutions.comContinuum
CFS, Inc. www.wolfenet.com/~cfs CFS/Manufacturing System
Chris Schaefer & Company www.keyresults.com PILOT Financial Accounting Systems
PILOT Property Management
Computer Associates/MK Group www.mkgroup.com ManMan/HP
Distribution Resources Company www.distributionresources.com SFD/System For Distributors
Invision for SFD
Idaho Computer Service, Inc. www.magiclink.com/ics Accounting Software Modules
Jobscope Corporation www.jobscope.com Jobscope
LeeTech Software, Inc. www.LeeTech.com LeeTech Care
TEAMS - Training/Education Asset Mgmt.
Mitchell Humphrey & Co. www.mhco-fms.com FMS II Accounting
Multiview Corporation (800) 422-0122 Financial Applications
Orion Group Software Engineers www.ogse.com Continuum
Q-Cim, Inc. www.qcim.com Process manufacturing software
SOTAS International, Inc. www.sotas.com Accountable Solutions/CS
Telenomics, Inc. www.telenomics.com PWARE/3000

Application Development Tools
API Internationalwww.apinet.com Faces
Acucobol, Inc. www.acucobol.com Acucobol-GT
Aldon Computer Group www.aldon.com Analyzer
Bradmark Technologies, Inc. www.bradmark.comPERCobol
Computing Solutions Ltd. www.csllink.com Linkway
Corporate Computer Systems, Inc. (732) 739-5600 TRAX/Cobol+C
DB-Net,Inc. (614)436-6565 DB-NET Migrations
DevTech Associates www.devtech.com Open3000
Diamond Optimum Systems www.diamondos.com Diamond CM
Dynamic Information Systems www.disc.com Omnidex
LeeTech Software, Inc. www.LeeTech.comAIM - Application Intelligent Middleware
Lund Performance Solutions www.lund.com Developer's Toolbox
MiniSoft, Inc. www.minisoft.comODBC/32
Productive Software Systems, Inc. www.prodsoft.comRobot/3000
Protos Software Company (800) 531-5473 Protos Application Development System
PSG www.netpsg.com Facade
Speedware USA www.speedware.com OASIS
Visual Speedware
Backup/Recovery Tools
Hicomp America, Inc. www.hicomp.com Hiback TX
Legato Systems, Inc. www.legato.com NetWorker
Operations Control Systems, Inc. www.ocsinc.com Tape
ORBiT Software USA, Inc. www.orbitsw.com Backup/V
Unison Software www.unison.com RoadRunner
Tapes Plus
IEM, Inc. www.iem.com IEMACL
Bar Coding
BKS Electronique +33 4 76 98 57 79 Wedge Reader
Dennis and Schwab, Inc. www.dsi.com Barcode Tool Kit
Batch Job Management
Design 3000 Plus, Inc. www.dsgnplus.com Job Management System/3000
Nobix, Inc. www.nobix.com JobRescue 3000
JobTime 3000
Operations Control Systems, Inc. www.ocsinc.com Express
Unison Software www.unison.com Maestro
Extended Systems, Inc. www.extendedsystems.com Status/3000
TAG Business Computing www.tagpost.demon.co.uk TAGpager
Telamon www.telamon.com Synchronous Network Engine
Asynchronous Network Engine
Consulting/Integration Services
Chris Schaefer & Company www.keyresults.com Internet, consolidation and migration services
Computer Solutions, Inc. home.navisoft.com/CSI6000 Disaster recovery/outsourcing services
Dataflow Systems, Inc. (317) 781-1111 Legacy app./client server/integration support
Delaware Computing Services (302) 996-0490 MPE/iX International Industrial solutions consulting
Diamond Optimum Systems, Inc. www.diamondos.com Client/Server, Java, Y2K
Forsythe Solutions Group, Inc. www.forsythesolutions.com HP 3000 servers and consulting services
Gentry www.gentry.com HP 3000 systems consulting
ID Enterprises, Inc. www.idwww.com Software developers
NetSysCo www.netsysco.com HP nationwide recruiters
SW Consulting, Inc. www.sw-consulting.com MPE programming, consulting, training
Data Center/Help Desk/Change Management
API International www.apinet.com Vantage
Design 3000 Plus, Inc. www.dsgnplus.com Callback/3000
Diamond Optimum Systems, Inc. www.diamondos.com Diamond PM
GBS Consultants, Inc. www.tracker-gbs.com Tracker
Operations Control Systems, Inc. www.ocsinc.com Librarian
Unison Software www.unison.com DCM Pak
Database Tools/Utilities
Adager Corporation www.adager.com Adager Adapter/Manager
Bradmark Technologies, Inc. www.bradmark.com DBGeneral
Cognos, Inc. www.cognos.com Axiant 4GL
Powerhouse 4GL
Datastructure, Inc. www.datastructure.com DB/Access
Information Builders, Inc. www.ibi.com EDA/SQL
Informix Software www.informix.com Enterprise Gateway Manager
LeeTech Software, Inc. www.LeeTech.com DB/Advisor
DOOR - Data Object Open Replication
M.B. Foster Associates Ltd. www.mbfoster.com DataExpress
Quest Software www.quests.com BridgeWare
Robelle Consulting Ltd. www.robelle.com Suprtool
Taurus Software www.taurus.com Warehouse
Vital Soft, Inc. www.vital-soft.com BusinessObjects
3k Associates, Inc. www.3k.com DeskLink
Document Management
Unison Software www.unison.com Formation
3k Associates, Inc. www.3k.com NetMail/3000
E-Mail, Inc. www.emailinc.com SMTP-X/3000
One-Stop Mail
Genesee Software, Inc. www.genesee.com Posthaste
AIFP www.aifp.com CommercePath
M.B. Foster Associates Ltd. www.mbfoster.com EDI Windows
St. Paul Software www.stpaulsoftware.com EDItran
Trinary Systems, inc. www.trinary.com EDI Windows
Dennis and Schwab, Inc. www.dsiweb.com Turbo Edit/iX
Inclination Software, Inc. www.isiinc.com SpeedEdit
Robelle Consulting Ltd. www.robelle.com Qedit
Attachmate Corporation www.Attachmate.com KEA! 700/98
MiniSoft, Inc. www.minisoft.com MiniSoft 92
TAG Business Computing +44-1926-864868 TAGswitch
WRQ, Inc. www.wrq.com Reflection Suite
Reflection with NS/VT
Fax Automation
AIFP www.aifp.com Host-Fax
STR Software Company www.strsoftware.com FAX/3000
TAG Business Computing +44-1926-864868 TAGfax
Hardware/Resellers/Maintenance Vendors
Abtech Systems, Inc. www.abtechsys.com HP 3000 servers
Allon Computer www.alloncomputer.com Refurbished servers
Black River Computers www.blackriver.com HP 3000 maintenance
Client Systems LLC www.clientsys.com HP 3000 servers
Computech Systems Corp. www.computech.com HP 3000 servers
ConAm Corporation www.conam.com HP 3000 servers
CSU Industries, Inc. (516) 239-4310 HP 3000 servers
Eurodata, Inc. (613) 745-0921 HP 3000 servers
Gates/Arrow Distributing www.gatesarrow.com HP 3000 servers
Genisys Corporation www.genisyscorp.com HP 3000 remarketer
Hardwarehouse www.hardwarehouse.com HP 3000 remarketer
I/O Data Systems, Inc. www.iodatasys.com HP 3000 servers
Ideal Computer Services, Inc. www.icsgroup.com HP 3000 servers
Kelly Computer Systems www.kelly.com HP 3000 servers
NCSI www.newcreative.com HP 3000 servers
Norco Computer Systems, Inc. www.norco-usa.com HP 3000 servers
Open-Ended Systems Corp. www.oesc.com HP 3000 servers
Sirius www.siriuscom.com HP 3000 servers
Surety Systems, Inc. www.accesscomm.net/surety/surety.html HP 3000 servers
Triad Computer Connection, Inc. www.triadcomputer.com HP 3000 servers
Wellington Technologies, Inc. www.mcn.net/~wellington HP 3000 maintenance
Human Resources Software
Cort Directions, Inc. www.cortpayroll.com Cort Payroll and Human Resources
Cyborg Systems, Inc. www.cyborg.com Solution Series/ST
High Line Corporation www.highlinecorp.com Personality4GL
Ross Systems, Inc. www.rossinc.com Renaissance CS Financials
Internet Tools
MiniSoft, Inc. www.minisoft.com Javelin
Speedware USA www.speedware.com Autobahn
Camintonn/Z-RAM www.z-ram.com HP 3000 memory
Clearpoint Enterprises www.milfordma.com/clearpoint HP 3000 memory
Dataram Corporation www.dataram.com HP 3000 memory
Kingston Technology Company www.kingston.com HP 3000 memory
Lynne Company (805) 489-1564 HP 3000 memory
Workstation Direct LLC www.wksdirect.com HP 3000 memory
Networking Utilities
API International www.apinet.com Fastcopy
MiniSoft, Inc. www.minisoft.com Network File Transfer
Performance/Management Tools
Bering Technology, Inc. www.bering.com RAIDRUNNER
Bradmark Technologies, Inc. www.bradmark.com MPE Command Center
Diamond Optimum Systems, Inc. www.diamondos.com Stargate
Infoworld Enterprise Solutions www.iwes.com MPE Enterprise Management
Lund Performance Solutions www.lund.com SOS/3000
Performance Gallery
System Manager's Toolbox
Melillo Consulting, Inc. www.mjm.com MPE System Administration
SolutionSoft Systems, Inc. www.solution-soft.com Compression Storage Manager for MPE
Disk Space Manager for MPE
Zitel Corporation www.zitel.com Netarchitect
Vam/Capacity Planner
Report Writer Tools
Chestnut Data Systems (800) 871-8115 CDS/Scan
Hillary Software, Inc. www.hillary.com Sheetmate
Interactive Software Systems Inc. www.intersw.com Safari UDMS
Nobix, Inc. www.nobix.com Electropage 3000
O'PIN Systems www.opin.com Reveal
Unison Software www.unison.com Vista Plus
Vital Soft, Inc. www.vital-soft.com Visimage
Security Software
Chestnut Data Systems (800) 871-8115 CDS/Security
Hillary Software, Inc. www.hillary.com Nightwatch
Monterey Software Group, Inc. www.editcorp.com/business/montereysoftware SAFE/3000
Operations Control Systems, Inc. www.ocsinc.com Private
O'PIN Systems www.opin.com Pinpoint
Vesoft, Inc. (310) 282-0420 Security/3000
Print Spooling Tools
API International www.apinet.com Unispool
APPiC www.appic.com StarJet
EDIT Corp. www.editcorp.com APPeerX
MiniSoft, Inc. www.minisoft.com NetPrint
Nobix, Inc. www.nobix.com TranSpool 3000
NSD, Inc. Transpooler
RAC Consulting www.racc.com Espul
Unison Software www.unison.com SpoolMate
Year 2000
ConSyGen, Inc. www.consygen.com ConSyGen 2000
Diamond Optimum Systems, Inc. www.diamondos.com D-Day 2000
G.R. Helm, Inc. www.grhelm.com TimeShift 2000
NeoMedia Technologies www.neom.com Adapt/2000
Omni Solutions, Inc. www.omnisolutions.com TimeWarp/3000
ORBiT Software USA, Inc. www.orbitsw.com Hour Glass 2000
Redstone Technologies, Inc. www.red-tech.com Millennium Rx
Robelle Consulting Ltd. www.robelle.com SmartDate
SolutionSoft Systems, Inc. www.solution-soft.com Time Machine for MPE
USIN International, Inc. www.usininc.com Star2000

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