Boundless WBT Lineup Grows

In what will likely prove to be a pivotal year for Windows-based terminal thin-client technology, Boundless Technologies Inc. (Hauppauge, N.Y.) is off to a fast start in 1999 with a new product and enhancements to an existing line.

Boundless delivers Capio to the market for a starting price of $399, with an optional "non-obsolescence" 10-year warranty for an additional $99. Available since December, and first introduced at Comdex/Fall ’98 in Las Vegas, the Capio features a Cyrix MediaGX CPU that operates at 180 MHz. The unit is powered by Microsoft’s Windows CE 2.1 operating system and supports both Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and Citrix Independent Computing Architecture (ICA) protocol, which can run concurrently in multiple sessions.

The Capio introduction comes on the heels of Boundless’s Windows CE-based Viewpoint TC 3XX series Windows-based terminals, which were announced late last year along with a new pricing strategy for Viewpoint technology. The Viewpoint TC 3XX series is designed to combine the low-cost administration and security of traditional text terminals, with Windows NT Server 4.0, Terminal Server Edition graphical user interface and capabilities needed to run Windows applications.

The Viewpoint TC 3XX series includes three different software configurations – Model 300, Model 320 and Model 325. The Model 300 supports MS RDP, the standard presentation protocol built into Microsoft’s Terminal Server. The Model 320 adds support for Citrix ICA protocol for access to Citrix WinFrame or MetaFrame application servers. The Model 325 adds local terminal emulation support, including 5250 and 3270, SCO Console and other emulations for access to Unix and mainframe legacy applications.

The list price for the Viewpoint TC 3XX series starts at $549. Boundless has reduced the price of its ICA-supporting TC Model 200 to a list price of $549 as well.

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