IBM Cuts Prices on Model 170, Offers Rebate

IBM has announced prices for the two newest additions to the AS/400e Model 170 family and dropped prices 10 percent across the rest of the product line.

The price of the new low-end processor point, No. 2289, stands at $6,995 for a base configuration, which includes 4 GB of DASD, the operating system and processor, but not a tape drive or basic software like Client Access or Query. The new high-end two-way processor, No. 2388, is $105,000 for a base configuration.

Meanwhile, the 2290 base configuration price falls from $9,995 to $8,995; 2291 from $16,000 to $13,500; 2292 from $25,000 to $22,500, 2385 from $50,000 to $45,000 and 2386 from $70,000 to $63,000.

See the March 1 MIDRANGE Systems for complete coverage of this announcement.

IBM has also announced a new rebate promotion for the Model 170. U.S. customers who buy a Model 170 between Feb. 12 and June 25 to use for Year 2000 testing can qualify for a rebate ranging from $400 to $50,000 when they also buy or upgrade to an eligible AS/400e 9406 Model 720, 730 or 740 with selected features. The value of the rebate varies based on the size of the systems bought. The rebate will be larger if the Model 170 is installed by April 12.

The rebate is also available in Canada, ranging from $CN616 to $CN76,930. U.S. Federal Government customers should call (800) 333-6705 to determine eligibility.

To order or for more information, contact your IBM representative, an IBM Business Partner or IBM Americas call centers at (800) 426-2255.

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