PentaSafe and Axent Integrate Security Products

In a move that marries AS/400 system security auditing with overall enterprise security, PentaSafe Inc. (Houston) has announced plans to integrate its PSAudit-400 solution with Axent Technologies Inc.'s Enterprise Security Manager (ESM), according to published reports.

Using Axent's ESM SDK, PentaSafe has reportedly developed a module for integration of its PSAudit-400 product into Axent's ESM v4.5 and later. This integration is designed to expand the scope of ESM, allowing clients to audit and secure multiple platforms from a central console.

"We are pleased that Axent has chosen to work with PentaSafe," says Douglas Erwin, CEO of PentaSafe. "The AS/400 is increasingly being used for mission critical ERP applications, electronic commerce and the Internet -- increasing the need for heightened security."

For the integration, PSAudit data is transferred over TCP/IP to an ESM agent running on a Windows NT machine. This data is then integrated with all Axent ESM security data and reports. "This integration will offer Axent customers with AS/400 systems an easier, more convenient way to manage the security of their enterprise," Erwin says.

Axent (Rockville, Md.) also announces Version 5.0 of ESM, which is designed to deliver more than 1,000 security checks for critical systems. The new central management console and advanced reporting features -- including .html-based reports that can be viewed by both IT and executive managers on any Web browser -- are designed to streamline the process of assessing and reporting on security practices enterprise-wide.

"Large organizations have thousands of business-critical applications and operations running on a wide-range of operating systems and environments," says Rob Clyde, VP and general manager of Axent. "Executives need to quickly assess enterprise security across all these key platforms from a centralized location."

--L. Greenemeier

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