Help/Systems Integrates Network Monitoring with Tivoli

The integration of Help/Systems Inc.'s Robot/Network AS/400 network management package with enterprise software from Tivoli Systems Inc. (Austin, Texas) now provides AS/400 users with access to the centralized, network monitoring capabilities of Tivoli Enterprise through Tivoli Enterprise Console, according to published reports.

Robot/Network is designed to manage AS/400 networks running Robot products from Help/Systems (Minnetonka, Minn.). With this Tivoli certification, Robot/Network can use Robot/Client -- an AS/400-to-client manager --to provide Tivoli administrators visibility to networked AS/400s via the Tivoli Enterprise Console.

This integration makes it possible for the Tivoli Enterprise Console to indicate AS/400 messages, performance exceptions, backup problems, scheduled batch failures, system vulnerability errors, power failures and report processing problems. When an event is sent to the Enterprise Console, the Tivoli administrator can acknowledge or answer the event from the workstation, without signing on to the AS/400.

When the event is processed, it is checked against the AS/400 database and acknowledged on the Enterprise Console, a process that confirms all events are answered and cleared properly on both the AS/400 and Tivoli servers.

In other Tivoli news, the company has added support for AS/400 to its ADSTAR Distributed Storage Manager (ADSM), a storage management solution designed to integrate unattended network backup and archive capabilities with storage management and disaster recovery functions.

--L. Greenemeier

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