Unibol Integrates AS/400 and NT Environments

Recognizing the growth of mixed AS/400 and NT environments in the marketplace, Unibol Ltd. (Atlanta) has announced an NT version of its Unibol400 product which --like the company's Unix version -- employs SEAGULL's GUI/400 and J Walk GUI client technology, according to published reports.

Unibol users now have the ability to deploy their AS/400 applications on Window NT servers using Unibol400 for NT. A single GUI client development effort is expected to be able to support AS/400 applications as well as NT and Unix versions of those applications built with Unibol400.

Unibol400 for NT allows AS/400 solution providers to reengineer applications to run on NT servers. AS/400 solutions are then natively deployed on Windows NT servers, using the existing development team, methodology and source sets. Unibol400 for NT generates a native 5250 data stream that enables existing J Walk for GUI/400 clients to run without modification.

"Unibol and SEAGULL have many common goals," says Pat Henry, president of Unibol. "Because our tools eliminate the need to rewrite existing AS/400 code, they help our customers avoid the risks associated with new application development, and protect their investments in proven AS/400 applications."

"Our partnership with Unibol reaffirms our commitment to extending the RIO in existing applications by taking those same AS/400 applications to NT and Unix platforms with enhanced Windows and Java GUI clients," says Kim Addington, VP of marketing for SEAGULL (Atlanta).

--L. Greenemeier

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