UniKix adds value by facilitating an evolution from the mainframe world to UNIX andWindows NT, allowing a fully automated transition path for applications to the lower cost,more efficient and faster UNIX or NT systems, while preserving previous softwareinvestments, custom modifications and work processes.

Second, UniKix enhances OMI's applications at both the front-end and the back-end. Atthe presentation level, through a sockets interface, UniKix is enabling the company towrite client-server GUI interfaces that are easy to create and easy to use. This letsusers access application information through client-server or the Internet through asimple screen presentation, eliminating the 3270 "green screens" that involvedmore user knowledge of an application.

Third, at the database level, the UniKix solution enables OMI to better utilize adecision support tool for users, helping them devise "what if?" scenarios tomake better purchasing and distribution decisions. And finally, by incorporating CORBAobjects into their software, UniKix can integrate multiple applications, new and old.


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