Precision Software Licenses Program Encapsulation from TOCS

Precision Software has signed a worldwide patent license with Turn of the Century Solutions.

Dublin, Ireland-based Precision had sold the MS4 program encapsulation solution -- developed by Dublin's Millennium Solutions -- but Wayne, Pa.-based TOCS holds the patent for program encapsulation technology in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia, with patents pending in Canada and the rest of western Europe.

Precision has licensed this technology and incorporated it into its newly branded Precision/2000 solution. Previously, Rochester, Minnesota-based Unbeaten Path International had been the sole licensee of TOCS' program encapsulation technology in the AS/400 space.

Program encapsulation is a recommended solution for organizations who don't have enough time for a complete date windowing and expansion Year 2000 conversion. It shifts dates back 28 years to enable computers to correctly process dates after the Year 2000 without expanding the dates to four-digit format. A program encapsulation conversion can be completed in a matter of days, allowing companies to wait until after the Year 2000 for a full windowing and expansion conversion.

"Because time is fast running out for companies yet to complete their Y2K conversion projects, encapsulation may now be the only realistic solution," says Brendan O'Donoghue, Precision's marketing director. "With our Precision/2000 solution using this patented technology, we are well-positioned to provide this proven solution to companies worldwide."

--D. Callaghan

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