Visionet Solution Manages Accounts EXACTly

Visionet Systems, the Princeton, N.J.-based developer of AS/400 Year 2000 testing and compliance solutions, has announced a new software application in the area of human resource management. Written completely in Java, EXACT is designed to be a fully-functioning expense account management application.

EXACT is expected to be the first of a series of modules being developed in the HR management systems. "EXACT is the most robust solution for companies trying to address expense account management issues," says Arshad Masood, president of Visionet. "Especially those related to the expenses of geographically displaced workforces around the world."

Masood continues, "We have invested over $50,000 in San Francisco training, resource building and creating EXACT directly from customer feedback We believe that Java is the most comprehensive object framework available today."

Visionet's Expense Accounts Management Application is designed to be an interactive and networked system used by employees, wherever they may be stationed, for reporting expenses, by managers who approve expenses, and by accounting departments which process the expenses.

Key features of the EXACT product include: the capability to submit expense reports over the Internet or an intranet; access to business rules relating to allowable expenses that may be customized and maintained to check for the validity of expenses; the capability to review and approve expense accounts online; the capability to make approved expenses and relevant information available to the accounting system immediately; and the capability to track the progress of an expense report in the system from submission to approval and reimbursement.

--L. Greenemeier

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