Conference to Prepare Market for V4R4

The 400 Group (Dedham, Mass.), and MIDRANGE Systems are hosting a conference dedicated to educating the AS/400 market about V4R4 -- the latest release of OS/400 -- which ships on May 21 of this year. The "Get Ready for V4R4" conference will be held May 3-4 at Atlanta's Georgia International Convention Center.

"Get Ready for V4R4" will provide attendees with a complete blueprint of how to get up and running with V4R4 and exploit its new features. Speakers featured at the conference include: IBM GM-North America Roger Arndt, OS/400 watchdog Al Barsa, AS/400 expert Roger Pence, IBM technology evangelist Ian Jarman, AS/400 and e-commerce expert David Money, Lotus Domino insider Kelly Schmotzer, AS/400 developer George Farr, DB2/400 expert Van Symons, and Insider Weekly for AS/400 Managers editor Rizal Ahmed.

The conference has three primary areas of concentration: V4R4 installation and configuration; best ways to exploit new features and enhancements; and hidden "gotchas" and common mistakes to avoid. Other areas of interest include: logical partitioning and clustering; CA/400 new Express client; IBM new licensing, pricing and service policies; RPG, ILE and Java; Web and security; Domino; NT, TCP/IP and performance tips.

In addition to becoming familiar with V4R4 three weeks before it ships, attendees will have access to more than 300 pages of seminar hand-outs and course materials.

For additional information, contact Heather Boggini via phone at (888) 400-4768 (ext. 350) or e-mail at Those interested can also visit the conference's Web site at

--L. Greenemeier

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