publisher's desk: Midrange Systems Expands its Online Presence

Thousands of MIDRANGE Systems subscribers are now receiving their AS/400-related news twice weekly direct to their desktops via e-mail in the form of the "MIDRANGE Systems Headline Report." We launched the e-mail newsletter in January as a test and, based on the terrific response, we are pleased to announce we are now offering the newsletter to all of our subscribers at no charge. The Headline Report features the major AS/400 market headlines of the day, brief story summaries and links back to the full stories residing on the MIDRANGE Systems Web site. The newsletter will be delivered directly to your e-mail box on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Look for a question on your next circulation re-qualification notice asking if you would like to subscribe. Or if you can’t wait go directly to to sign up today.

Just about every company can find an Internet-based solution to help improve its connection with its customer base. It is probably more true for news publications whose customers depend on them for up-to-the-minute reports. The e-mail newsletter is part of a broader initiative at MIDRANGE Systems to strengthen its position as the leading source for AS/400 news. We are already the most frequently published publication in the marketplace, but that simply isn’t enough. Another component of our online efforts is new investment in our Web site. Over the past three months we have seen Web traffic double, due in no small part to our readers' growing reliance on the Web for news and product information and to the expanded offerings on the MIDRANGE Systems site. If you haven’t stopped by already, please visit us at to search our archives, check on new products or search the Buyers Guide listings.

Our Y2K coverage also continues unabated. The ticking of the clock is not a happy sound for many IT professionals as we head towards December 31st. Y2K anxiety will have AS/400 managers testing and re-testing systems right up until the deadline. We’ll be with them with extensive coverage of Y2K issues. Our regular Y2K section is scheduled to run into the Year 2000 and beyond because few doubt that the issue will go away on January 1, 2000.

In addition, IBM’s drive to promote the AS/400 as a Web server has re-energized the market for AS/400s and complimentary products. This e-business revolution is forcing AS/400 shops to find quick solutions to security issues, business intelligence, data management and storage and connectivity. Strategies and product choices are many and can often be confusing. We are responding with expanded coverage of these topics. This issue of MRS features a story discussing e-business vendor Harbingers Corp’s big bet on the Internet as they shift to IP as the basis for their online offerings.

There are several features to look for in upcoming issues. Connectivity will be the subject of a special report in the May 24th issue, while our e-business special report comes to you in the November 8 issue. Be sure to look for them!

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