Persoft Targets Thin Client Administration

Persoft Inc. takes advantage of the AS/400's growing interest in thin-client computing with the release of its SmarTerm 9.0 PC-to-host connectivity product.

Key enhancements to Version 9.0 of SmarTerm include: an administrator toolbox; automated install wizard; multi-user Windows NT support; support for the dynamic loading and unloading of collections of SmarTerm tools; and a "CD Browser" front end designed to simplify navigation of the SmarTerm CD.

Foremost among these newest enhancements are the administrator toolbox and the automated install wizard. Using the toolbox, a network administrator has the capability to create profiles -- collections of session files and configuration files -- and specify those sessions for specific users or groups of users.

"We're seeing a lot of organizations now deploying Citrix and Terminal Server Edition to extend host access to either departments within their organization or completely new groups of users who didn't have access to that host data before," says Kristin Zurovitch, SmarTerm product manager for Persoft Inc. (Madison, Wisc.).

SmarTerm Version 9.0 will be available for all five variations of the product, including: Essential, 327/5250, Office, X and Enterprise Suite. SmarTerm Office will be the first of the SmarTerm flavors to be available, by the end of April. This will be followed in subsequent weeks by the releases of SmarTerm Essential and SmarTerm 3270/5250.

--L. Greenemeier

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