HP Advances All-Encompassing Messaging Strategy

Ken Deats, Associate Editor

HP’s Communication Industry Business Unit has unveiled a portfolio of messaging solutions for e-mail, phone, fax, Internet and cellular communications for the entire commercial market, from small to large enterprises and ISPs and called it the Advanced Messaging Strategy.

For ISPs, HP has formed a strategic alliance with Software.com to deliver carrier-scale messaging for both consumer and business services. HP has also purchased an equity stake in Software.com. HP will integrate Software.com’s InterMail products as a major part of its Smart Internet Messaging Solution that also takes advantage of OpenView, HP’s Smart Internet Usage and Smart Internet Assurance. The combination is optimized for ISPs interested in “hosted messaging” services in which enterprises outsource their messaging environments.

For enterprise users of Microsoft Exchange, HP is announcing its Expert Technical Advice as part of its Critical Support for Windows NT. It's a suite of six services that provide proactive planning and management and reactive recovery services for Windows NT and Microsoft BackOffice environments and hardware. Expert Technical Advice for Microsoft Exchange will offer IT knowledge services in Exchange Server database best practices, Exchange Server recovery methodologies and optimization of Exchange Server services.

HP also announced OpenMail 6.0 with the following enhancements:
  • Improved support for Microsoft Outlook
  • Wide area sharing of Outlook calendars, public folders and address book integration
  • Improved high-end scalability with Parallel Queuing Architecture
  • Native Internet and Web support with LDAPv3 directory access and a Web-based interface
  • Improved legacy interoperability with cc:Mail, Microsoft Mail and Lotus Domino
HP’s Communication Industry Business Unit supplies communications IT infrastructure to every Fortune 500 telecommunications company with management, network intelligence, billing and customer care solutions for UNIX and NT system platforms.

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