Lotus Ships ESuite DevPack 2.0

Web application developers looking to build interactive solutions for their intranets and extranets get a boost with the announcement out of Lotus Development Corp. (Cambridge, Mass) that the company is shipping its eSuite DevPack 2.0.

ESuite DevPack 2.0 is designed to enable application developers to add client interactivity to the existing array of enterprise data connectivity options provided by the Domino R5 server platform. The combination of DevPack 2.0 Web components and the R5 application family -- which consists of Domino Application Server, Domino Designer and Lotus Enterprise Integrator 3.0 -- help create an application development platform for creating Web-based, interactive, line-of-business solutions, according to published reports.

ESuite DevPack's client components for data presentation -- such as chart, calculating grid and rich text processor -- combine with Domino's enterprise data access capabilities to aid deployment of dynamic Web applications.

“This latest version of eSuite DevPack is a powerful asset for developers seeking to build applications for the hot new growth areas in Web applications including ERP data reporting and analysis, Web self-service and sales force automation,” says Lynne Capozzi, Lotus’ VP of product development in the Internet Applications Division.

--J. Martin

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