PentaSafe VigilEnt About AS/400 Security

Any breach in security can affect an enterprise dramatically. With that in mind, PentaSafe Inc. (Houston) has created VigilEnt Enterprise v1.0, a solution designed to provide AS/400 auditing, security and intrusion detection with a single point of control and advanced reporting capabilities.

PentaSafe designed VigilEnt Enterprise v1.0 to allow AS/400 network administrators to check, manage and enforce security practices across the AS/400 networks worldwide. "The AS/400 has real good security," says PentaSafe CTO Jim Stracka. "The problems that we discovered is that most shops don’t implement the security real well. Whether it’s with systems values or poor application security, most shops are unaware of the problem they have. So, with Enterprise, we help you find, fix and protect your system."

VigilEnt Enterprise v1.0 will allow network administrators to obtain a consolidated view of their environment, while tracking every access, every command and every result on each AS/400 in their enterprise-- all in one report. With the security VigilEnt Enterprise v1.0 provides, companies can secure confidential data from internal security breaches and conduct more secure e-business transactions.

Active Audit, one of VigilEnt Enterprise's new features, is designed to streamline the security process, saving time and simplifying security fixes by giving administrators the capability to make corrections across a number of AS/400s. Using Active Audit, the amount of time it takes to make corrective actions when problems arise is decreased.

Users have found that one of the advantages of VigilEnt Enterprise is it can be scheduled to run automatically. "Now, instead of having to check every one of our AS/400’s in the system manually, where it’s time consuming and far too easy to miss something significant, VigilEnt Enterprise will run the audit overnight across every AS/400 that I need to check… so I can have the results ready and waiting for me when I get to the office in the morning," says Wayne Barnett, an independent consultant and security officer.

By allowing for the consolidation of security information, VigilEnt Enterprise allows organizations to view a "snapshot" of security levels across the entire enterprise within a single report. Because the snapshots are pre-configured, it makes the day-to-day process of reporting and assessing security practices a lot easier.

"With Enterprise, we take the technical commands out of security systems, so companies don’t have to have technical gurus on each platform to perform the auditing and security administration," Stracka says.

PentaSafe also plans to extend VigilEnt Enterprise to the Windows NT and Unix platforms, according to Douglas Erwin, PentaSafe's CEO. "Customers are forcing us to open the aperture of our business. We're not changing the lens, but we're opening the aperture," he says.

"We've been so successful in the AS/400, we want to move into customers that have Unix and NT," Erwin says. "We're not trying to boil the ocean or solve world hunger, we're just going to focus on what we do well and do it from a single view across the enterprise."

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