Upstart Company Features IBM, Lotus Braintrust

Three former IBM and Lotus Development Corp. executives have formed Engenia Software Inc. (Reston, Va.). The initial focus of the company will be providing collaborative software that promotes enterprisewide coordination of initiatives, strategies and projects. Among the types of companies Engenia will target are "hi-tech" and multi-media companies that have a number of deals to manage simultaneously, according to published reports.

"There’s really no good solution for companies that have changing environments and that’s the solution we’re going to provide," says Jeffrey Crigler, Engenia’s president and CEO. "Business development companies can change day-to-day, there’s no real roadmap. Our software is very dynamic and flexible and allows development teams to track all the different products that are going on."

Engenia founders include: Jeffrey Crigler, formerly IBM’s VP of Internet information technologies; Nigel Elkan, formerly director of Lotus Development’s Knowledge Management marketing strategy; and Jeffrey Kay, formerly IBM’s chief architect for "Cyptolope" products.

Engenia’s first product -- a collaborative and decision support system called Business Development Warroom -- is already shipping. This product allows multiple teams of people to collaborate on a project at the same time. Another product -- Unity -- is scheduled to begin shipping late this summer. Both products run on the Windows NT platform, as well as on Microsoft Windows 95 and Windows 98.

--J. Martin

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