E3 Corp. Goes Global

E3 Corp. (Atlanta) has entered into an agreement with IBM Global Financing to allow E3 to extend authorized IBM Global Financing Services to new and existing E3 customers. Through the agreement, IBM Global Services is expected to help E3 customers’ implement a variety of solutions.

E3 focuses on the inventory management needs of wholesalers, retail chains and manufacturers. Their solutions cover a number of industries, ranging from general merchandise and auto parts to hardware and industrial supply.

Under terms of the deal, E3 customers can choose monthly, quarterly or annual payment options. This will allow them the opportunity to match their payment schedule to the project’s benefits and reap the benefits today while spreading out the project costs.

“IBM’s agreement follows 19 years of working together to solve customer problems,” says Michael Doane, director of strategic alliances for E3.

Joe Savino, IBM Global Financing Americas manager of soft financing, says, “We have seen an increasing trend of financing software and information technology services over the past two years. Our new partnership enables E3 to provide a complete solution to their customers at attractive rates and with flexible terms."

Among E3’s products are: E3SLIM, E3CRISP, E3TRIM and E3 ProfitTrack. E3SLIM is a management tool that helps grow a company without having to increase the buying staff. E3CRISP’s managed inventory system allows wholesalers and manufacturers to offer service by improving their customer’s productivity and optimizing their inventory levels. E3TRIM’s advanced inventory management techniques help reduce inventories, improve service, increase buyer productivity and improve profitability. Finally, E3 ProfitTrack is a new tool that small companies and individual stores can use to generate higher profits and improved customer service levels.

--J. Martin

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