PeopleSoft Chooses Intraware for e-Business Portal

Intraware Inc.'s reputation as a provider of e-commerce business services has gotten the company noticed, as PeopleSoft Inc. (Pleasanton, Calif.) has chosen the Orlinda, Calif.-based online provider of software and services to be a "Charter Merchant" for the procurement community in the PeopleSoft Business Network (PSBN).

The PSBN is PeopleSoft's e-business solution for integrating communities of customer and merchant content with traditional transactional and analytical ERP data. One of the key components of PSBN is the Procurement Community, designed to leverage Intraware's suite of online services to enable PeopleSoft customers to research, evaluate, purchase, and update a range of business software applications and tools.

"Intraware has established itself as a premier provider of e-commerce business services that radically improve customers' evaluation and purchase decision processes for business software," says Tom Glassanos, president of PeopleSoft's e-business solutions division. "By combining PSBN's Procurement Community with Intraware's innovative e-commerce services, we're providing customers with a unique and strategic solution for business software management."

Peter Jackson, president and CEO of Intraware, adds, "PeopleSoft's PSBN is a strategic e-business initiative that is focused on driving the evolution of the enterprise software market -- which is why Intraware's selection as one of the first Charter Merchants is so significant. We're at the forefront of a major Web-based business software services trend that not only includes electronic software delivery, but critical decision support and software maintenance services as well.

"Through our affiliation with PSBN, Intraware will offer PeopleSoft's customers comprehensive, cost-effective, and resource-efficient Internet-based services that will fundamentally change the way they evaluate, purchase, and support enterprise-class software," Jackson concludes.

In other Intraware news, the company announced a strategic partnership with DigitalThink Inc., a San Francisco-based provider of Web-based training courses for programmers, developers, system administrators and end users. Under the terms of the agreement, DigitalThink will deliver more than 80 Web-based technical training courses through Intraware's recently launched IT training Center (

DigitalThink's Web-based curriculum includes courses on Java and PERL programming, Web programming, Web publishing and design, object-oriented programming, and Microsoft Certification. DigitalThink's tutor-supported, Web-based training courseware uses tutors to support self-paced learning. The company's browser-based online learning environment enables students to access their courses from any Web connection.

--L. Greenemeier

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