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FCI’s AccommoDATE 2R1

Formula Consultants Incorporated’s AccommoDATE Y2K level 2R1 is a date simulation and testing software for Unisys 2200 Series and ClearPath IX that includes:

• Date selection for fixed date/date offset.

• Selection to specify Test/Training mode per run and Transaction identification.

• Selection to specify Transaction action code and program name.

• Dynamic Add, Delete and Update ADMIN functions.

• AD STAT key-in to display status of RUNID and/or Transaction.

AccommoDATE allows businesses to set a simulated date for program testing without rebooting and without affecting mission-critical production runs. It enables users who have a single system, or those who must use time on a production system, to test their Year 2000 software even when that system is booted with the current date.

Contact Formula Consultants Incorporated at (714) 778-0123, or visit their Web site at

VASCO’s Internet Hacker Protection

VASCO Data Security’s VACMan/Server UNIX 1.0 is an authentication server and VACMan/Server NT 3.5. VACMan (VASCO Access Control Manager) is a protocol-independent authentication, authorization and accounting solution. Designed for mid-sized and large enterprises and Internet Service Providers (ISPs), VACMan simultaneously supports RADIUS, TACACS, TACACS+ and XTACACS protocols. Both VACMan/ Server NT 3.5 and VACMan/Server UNIX 1.0 are Year 2000-compliant. In addition, the NT 3.5 version is bundled with HackerShield software from Bindview Development, to safeguard corporate data from hacker attacks.

Contact VASCO Data Security at (800) 238-2726, or visit Contact Bindview Inc. at (713) 561-4000, or visit


JSB’s MultiView 2000 Terminal Server

JSB’s MultiView 2000 Terminal Server Edition provides PC-to-UNIX connectivity for Windows NT 4.0, Terminal Server Edition and Citrix Systems’ MetaFrame thin client/server network. MultiView 2000 Terminal Server Edition has been evaluated by VeriTest, an independent microcomputer product test laboratory, and determined compatible with the Terminal Server environment, passing a stringent set of requirements for installation and application functionality. MultiView 2000 Terminal Server Edition is a server-installed and server-run product with the flexibility to run over Windows NT Server, Terminal Server Edition and Citrix MetaFrame networks.

Contact JSB at (831) 438-8300, or


Sys Tech’s AX-500P3

Sys Technology’s Sys Performance AX-500P3 is a 3-D-friendly system built around the next generation Intel Pentium III processor, a 500MHz chip. When used for animation, CAD and game development, the system’s boosted calculation capacity can accelerate the math needed for 3-D geometry up to 200 percent faster than a Pentium-based PC. With the Pentium III processor, users can be assured of sharp interfaces, rich 3-D graphics and true media playback.

Contact Sys Technology at (714) 821-3900, x110, or visit


Legato’s Migration Storage Management for Windows NT

Legato Systems’ NetWorker HSM for Windows NT with DiskXtender helps customers manage the growing demand for online disk capacity on Windows NT systems. While ensuring availability of migrated data by recalling it when referenced by applications or end users, Legato NetWorker HSM offerings move infrequent-ly referenced data to less expensive near-line or off-line storage.

Contact Legato Systems, Inc. at (650) 812-6000, or via e-mail at


KMSystems’s Professional Edition

KMSystems, Inc.’s UTS Express Plus32 Professional provides 32-Bit UTS emulation that allows the user to write applications that interact with the host. UTS and T27 Express Plus32 Professional have all the features of UTS and T27 Express Plus32, as well as the WinQ development tool. WinQ consists of ActiveX Controls (OCXs), that allow Windows applications to access Unisys 2200 and A Series Applications. WinQ can be used in any Windows application that supports ActiveX Controls, such as Visual Basic, C++, Delphi and Power Builder.

Contact KMSystems, Inc. at (770) 857-8730, or visit


QTerm 4.0 UTS and T27 Emulators

The 4.0 version is the latest development in the Quickware QTerm family of terminal emulators, built expressly for Windows 95 and Windows NT. Two emulators are provided, one for the 2200 host access (UTS) and one for the A Series host access (T27). The QTerm.tcp.uts 4.0 product delivers fully featured Unisys UTS terminal emulation to Windows users. It provides UTS terminal support for Series 1100/2200 and System 80 mainframe connectivity using the Windows 95 style and graphical interface objects. The QTerm.tcp.t27 4.0 product provides similar functionality for Unisys T27 terminal emulation. It provides all the functionality of the Unisys T27 terminal for access to the A Series mainframes.

Contact Quickware at (602) 375-3148, or visit


Hitachi Boosts Capacity

Hitachi Data Systems released two new disk drive options for the multi-platform Hitachi Data Systems Freedom Storage 7700E. The company will now offer 36 gigabyte (GB) and 15 GB disk drives with the Freedom 7700E storage subsystem. This new release doubles the maximum capacity of the Freedom 7700E to 6 terabytes (TB), with the ability to implement a configuration with up to 2.5 TB in a single Freedom 7700E subsystem. The 36 GB and 15 GB disk drives can be intermixed with the 18 GB and 6 GB disk drive options currently offered with the Freedom 7700E. The multi-platform Freedom Storage 7700E attaches to mainframe and open-system servers located within the data center. For further information on the Hitachi Data Systems 7700E, visit


B&L’s Data Storage Management

B&L Associates’ Vertices is an enterprisewide media management system that manages all removable media, regardless of platform or source of data origination. Vertices manages media from open systems environments, such as Windows NT and UNIX, as well as from traditional mainframe environments, such as IBM and Unisys.

Vertices storage management systems keep track of all computer media, including magnetic tape, disk, CD-ROM, Digital Linear Tape (DLT), Digital Versatile Disk (DVD), Digital Audio Tape (DAT) and other media regardless of the source.

Contact B&L Associates at (877) 837-8423, or visit


Firstlogic’s Address Encoding

Firstlogic’s International Address Correction and Encoding (ACE) software offers the address-assignment capabilities of Firstlogic’s Postalsoft and i.d.Centric software brands, along with the international address data of the CLAVIS database provided by AND of the Netherlands. International ACE ensures address-data quality in international records with accurate, formatted city names, street names, premises, P.O. boxes and postal codes. Address data is available on a global or regional level, so customers can choose addressing capabilities to meet their specific needs.

For more information, visit Firstlogic, Inc.’s Web site at Visit AND International Publishers’ Web site at


EMC’s, VERITAS’ Storage Management Solutions

EMC Corporation and VERITAS Software Corporation announced two new software solutions that will enable customers to better manage and protect their critical UNIX and Windows NT-based information residing on EMC Symmetrix Enterprise Storage systems. EMC Foundation Suite and EMC Database Edition for Oracle by VERITAS integrate VERITAS Volume Manager (VxVM) and VERITAS File System (VxFS) with EMC software.

Visit EMC Corporation’s Web site at Visit VERITAS Software Corporation’s Web site at


Pine Cone’s Real-Time Monitoring

Pine Cone’s Activity Tracker identifies data warehouse problems, provides advanced notification of problems in the decision support process and assists with problem analysis and resolution. Activity Tracker lets IT professionals monitor activity on all of the most popular database platforms simultaneously, from a single console and within the same display. Activity Tracker targets applications, such as help desk, service level compliance monitoring, design validation, license compliance and unauthorized access monitoring.

Visit Pine Cone Systems’ Web site at

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