CCT Tabbed to Provide AS/400 Auditing and Security

Seeking to make sure its AS/400 customers remain in compliance with national security standards, Deloitte & Touche (New York) recently announced it has entered into an agreement with CCT (London), a provider of AS/400 audit and security software.

A professional service firm that provides information control and assurance, tax and consulting services to more than 23,000 people worldwide, Deloitte & Touche has licensed CCT’s DetectIT-EXM. This product will allow Deloitte & Touche to enforce audit procedures and verify it's clients' AS/400 systems meet national and international security standards.

After analyzing several AS/400 security products, Deloitte & Touche chose DetectIT-EXM for a number of reasons. According to Deloitte & Touche sources, DetectIT-EXM was chosen because of its functionality, the technical support provided, and the speed and ease of configuration.

DetectIT-EXM enables companies to centrally control, monitor and report all aspects of AS/400 security from one to thousands of AS/400s. Some of the benefits of DetectIT-EXM include: detection and prevention against unauthorized access and system violations; immediate notification of security breaches; information on when, where and who committed the breach; minimal technical expertise required; aids in defining and implementing a clear security policy.

“This was the first instance where an actual multi-product comparison included DetectIT in the evaluation process performed by any Big Five firm, and it reconfirms CCT’s position as the leader in AS/400 audit and security software,” says Jim Whittet, VP of sales and marketing for the North American division of CCT.

--J. Martin

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