Kasten Chase Updates VersaPath

Just two months after releasing VersaPath 2.0, Kasten Chase (Toronto) continues its drive to be a major factor in the data connectivity solutions field with the release of VersaPath 3.0, an enhanced version of the company’s fully integrated Web-to-host solution.

VersaPath 3.0 is a centrally-managed Web-to-host solution designed to support desktop, browser and thin client over IP networks. "VersaPath 3.0 is valuable because it significantly reduces the cost of management by centralizing the configuration and software management of the remote users," says Dave Mulder, director of technology for Kasten Chase.

Among the product's most significant enhancements are: remote gateway configuration, enhanced backup control, reduced requirement for reboot and end-to-end security support for Telnet connections.

Remote gateway configuration allows the network administrator to make configuration changes from their desktop instead of through the local gateway console. It also reduces the time required when reviewing gateway configurations and provides increased scalability, as one gateway can handle up to 2,000 users, compared to a limit of 240 users in the 2.0 Version.

Enhanced backup control enables the network administrator to define specific backup paths in the centralized database. This approach to backup definition provides more flexibility and control than systems that rely strictly on domain name servers.

Reduced requirement for reboot is designed to reduce the time spent during installation, setup and system configuration by allowing critical system modules to be shut down and restarted without the need for a PC reboot.

End-to-end security support for Telnet connections provides Telnet access to hosts without compromising security. This feature is designed to extend end-to-end security of the VersaPath product line to include TN5250, TN3270/3270E, TNVT100, TNVT200 and Telnet sessions.

According to Mulder, one of the biggest things overlooked by companies is end-to-end security and confidentiality. "Companies are overlooking the security in their own company, the confidentiality of their own people," Mulder says. "If you run in clear text, you’re opening it up for the possibility of other workers seeing reports or information they shouldn’t be seeing." VersaPath 3.0, defends against this type of intrusion by setting up secure connections and encrypting data before it leaves the client’s PC.

VersaPath 3.0 has been available since June 1. Pricing ranges from $13,525 for the 64-user version to $125,550 for the 2000-user version. VersaPath 4.0 is already in the works and will be available during the fourth quarter if 1999.

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