Sterling Issues First Update to 2E

Sterling Software (Plano, Texas) has announced its first release of COOL:2E since its acquisition of Synon Corp. last year.

Version 6.2 of COOL:2E, an application modeling, development and maintenance tool for the AS/400, features Year 2000 compliance and enhancements such as improved function encapsulation with LCL and NUL field contexts.

Sterling has also announced the availability of upgrades to several COOL:2E add-on products, including the COOL:Xtras 400 Toolkit (formerly Synon/1), COOL:Xtras Change Management and COOL:Xtras Performance Expert.

The company has also released a new complementary product, the COOL:Xtras Model Investigator (MI). MI provides complex interrogation and reporting of COOL:2E models based on user-defined criteria and includes many standard queries, which can be used to search a model, producing reports or model object lists reflecting the results. MI extends the standard model reporting found in COOL:2E and lets users get answers to detailed, complex questions about their development environment.

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